Elite600 – Large Format 3D Printer

Elite600 – Large Format 3D Printer

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The Elite600 Large Format 3D Printer is the latest creation from Elite IOT & Elite Engineering WA

The Elite600 is an industrial based machine, It offers both speed and reliability.

Printing materials compatible with the Elite600 are:

  •     Carbon Fibre re-inforced Nylon
  •     Carbon Fibre re-inforced PETG
  •     Nylon
  •     PETG
  •     ABS
  •     PLA
  •     Flexibles (TPU, TPE)
  •     Almost any filament you can think of.

With all our printers you get support from 3D Printing experts which means we will help you with adding different materials, optimising settings, etc.

Some of the Features include:

600mm x 600mm x 600mm Build volume

Enclosed Build Chamber

Heated Bed

Powerful 32 Bit Processor (Duet2 WiFi Controller)

WiFi Connectivity

7″ LCD Touchscreen

Shielded Cables

SD Card Included

Power loss recovery

Pause / Resume functionality

Extremely fast print speeds, over 200mm/s

Super quiet TMC2660 stepper drivers

Missed step detection

0.9 degree stepper motors on the X Axis,Y Axis and Extruder

1.8 degree stepper motors on the Z Axis (x3)

Sensor less HomingIndependent Z axis motors for true bed levelling

Z Probe for Mesh Levelling

Dual Bondtech drive gears

E3D Volcano Hot end

All metal titanium alloy heatbreak

0.6mm A2 Hardened Steel nozzle

50W 24V Cartridge Heater in hot end

1200W 240V Heater on heated bed

Filament Run-out sensor

And Many More..

Weight: 60 kg
Dimensions: 100 × 75 × 100 cm
Single Phase: 240V 7.5A Max
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