Elite Drybox – 3D Printing Filament Drybox

Elite Drybox – 3D Printing Filament Drybox

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The Elite Drybox is designed to stop your 3D Printing filament from absorbing moisture while you are printing and while the spool of filament is connected to the printer.

All 3D printing filament is affected by moisture and dust while printing and loaded on the printer ready for printing. This moisture and dust is then pulled through into the hot end causing a lot of problems from clogged nozzles to unusable prints. So we have designed a drybox to keep your filament the the optimum condition for 3D Printing.

Please note the Elite Drybox will not dry out wet filament it is to stop your filament getting to that condition.


  •     Sealed to keep moisture and dust out
  •     600mm Teflon feed tube to suit 1.75mm Filament, to get the filament to your extruder
  •     Colour changing desiccant (Changes from Dark Blue to Pink when moisture is absorbed)
  •     Clear sided container to allow you to see amount of filament on the spool without having to open the drybox
  •     Tapered cone spool holder, to allow for spools with different internal diameters

Usage: As soon as you remove your filament from it original vacuum sealed bag place it into the Elite Drybox with the supplied desiccant, feed the end of the filament down the Teflon tube and secure the lid with the clips provided.

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