ADC Input Board - I2C - 8 Channel - 18bit ADC

ADC Input Board - I2C - 8 Channel - 18bit ADC

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Logic Level of Module

This is a custom designed ADC Input Board by Elite Engineering WA.

It allows for 8 analog channels to be sampled at up to 18bits of resolution.
Communication is done over an I2C bus.
The ADC board also includes a HDC1080 Temperature and Humidity Sensor to allow for monitoring of the board temperature and humidity.

DIN Rail Mounted with enclosed case.

The board is powered by 7-12 volts (12v recommended)

The ADC input connectors have a dedicated pin for the cable shielding to be connected to.

This board is running 2x MCP3424 ADC's with 18bits of resolution @ 3.73SPS
The maximum sample voltage is 2.048v with a maximum ADC input voltage of 3.3v before damage will occur.

This board can measure down to the lowest voltages with its onboard PGA (programmable gain amplifier) which can be set to x1, x2, x4 or x8

Linux drivers are available for this board to speed up the development process.

Default I2C Address's are 0x6a and 0x6c for the 2x ADC's and 0x40 for the HDC1080

Please see Elite Engineering WA's Product page for more information. ADC Input 18bit 8ch IIOT Module

Resolution: 18bits
Communication: I2C
Input Power: 12v
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