RTC Input Board - I2C - Battery Backup

Real Time Clock (RTC) IIOT Module - I2C - Battery Backup

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Logic Level of Module

This is a custom designed Real Time Clock (RTC) IIOT Module by Elite Engineering WA.

The RTC Input Module is an I2C enabled battery backed up RTC Module which is extremely accurate with an integrated temperature compensation oscillator and crystal.

The RTC Chip is a Maxim DS3231 RTC Chip are extremely robust in rugged environments.

Some main features of our RTC IIOT Module are:

  • Extremely Accurate
  • Battery Backup
  • Extended Temperature Range: -40°C to +85°C
  • Leap Year Compensation
  • Easy to get connected and configured

DIN Rail Mounted with enclosed case.

The board is powered by 7-24 volts

This board is running a Maxim DS3231SN RTC Chip with a CR2032 Battery (Battery not included for shipping restrictions).

I2C Communications

  • Standard Mode (100kHz)
  • Fast Mode (400kHz)

Pre-configured address of 0x68

Linux drivers are available for this board to speed up the development process.

Please see Elite Engineering WA's Product page for more information. Real Time Clock (RTC) IIOT Module

Communication: I2C
Input Power: 12v
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